Bridges hold a special magic when freed from the whir of passing cars. Last year, for the first time, state and municipal leaders joined forces with local businesses and community members to bring over two thousand residents from Holyoke and South Hadley together for a festive Sunday afternoon.

Please join us in strengthening the bonds between our two communities and fostering a climate of harmony and friendship.



The River Roll & Stroll is part of a nation wide series of open streets events taking place this spring. Our underwriters allow us to operate a safe and successful event at scale and we integrate them into the afternoon in creative ways that capture the audience’s attention and emphasize the magnitude of their contributions. Get started now to explore ways in which your business can develop a rich and interactive presence.


$2000 - $8K

This spring’s Roll & Stroll will be bigger and more engaging than ever. Your support enables us to bring top-notch music, art, interactive workshops, and demonstrations to the bridge. Corporate Sponsors help to elevate public perception of the two cities, sending people home with fond memories a new perspective. Corporate sponsors receive a linked logo on our website, an onstage mention by our MC’s, a shout out on Facebook, and the opportunity to introduce a performer, if they choose.


$100 - $1000

Community groups, individuals, and small businesses from both sides of the river imbue the Roll & Stroll with it’s dynamism and distinct character. Your participation ensures that this event is unlike any other in the region and communicates to attendees your commitment to building bridges. Our Community Sponsors receive a listing or linked logo on our website as well as an onstage mention by our MC’s.